Thank a Front Line Worker

By: Fernando Ferrari - Teri Shaw

Thank a Front Line Worker

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Meet Nicole, She is our friend, client but most importantly she is a front line worker. 

Nicole is a Physicians Assistant and she commutes to Niagara Falls, New York, where she is actively working right beside the Doctors as well as independently in an urgent care center that treats potential Covid patients. We were able to catch up with Nicole and learn how Covid has changed her practice and how she's doing her best to keep the best attitude she can. Currently Nicole is doing curbside check ins as the urgent care system does not allow visitors and there's no one allowed in the waiting room. Nicole is checking for Covid symptoms and because the area that she is working in does not have Covid testing she can not offer them much other than if their vitals are okay, sending them home with directions on how to keep themselves comfortable. Nicole was candid with us and said she finds herself saying things like “great news your vital signs sound good and your lungs are clear” and “you are going to be okay” The reality here is she is unable to know if every person is actually going to be ok. Nicole's hope is that her encouragement keeps people optimistic and out of the ER. Nicole hopes that the patients recover, and hopes that they continue to have PPE and hopes that she herself wakes up feeling healthy everyday. Nicole says that even though all of this is out of her control, the one thing she can control is her attitude, so she hopes and she knows that everything is going to be ok. 

Please join me in taking a few minutes out of your day to personally thank a front line worker for their work and sacrifice through this time. Nicole we are so appreciative of all you do, Thank you will never be enough.

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